Jamie Griffiths is a digital artist, film director & performer

Originally from the UK, Jamie spent 20+ years based from the West Coast of Canada, travelling widely with projects. After a 3 year return to the UK, Jamie recently returned to Canada and now lives in the territory of Nunavut on Baffin Island, creating new work and supporting Inuit performance artists as a digital arts mentor, and program manager for Qaggiavuut! Performing Arts Society.

Using experimental tools & custom digital environments, Jamie digs into humanity's failings and triumphs, through autobiographical transparency and deliberate cultural confrontations.

Early hardcore photographic portraits in outsider and LGBTQIA cultures of the 1980's and 90's, morphed into experiments with live performance. Jamie began to devise custom tools and digital systems as scalpels for extracting a therapeutic experience as part of the artistic process, by publicly dissecting ego and emotions through performance, film and interactive installations. Jamie’s latest works explore identity conflict, neo-colonialism, ecology and displacement.

DESIGN Commissions & ARTISTIC Collaborations
Commissioned works since 2001 include installations and performance designs for theatre, dance, opera and orchestra. Innovation and research in new technologies are integral, working with cameras, computers, live performance & interactive video installations that include sound and audio-analysis, wireless control systems, motion tracking and interactive 3D projections.

Knot Theory & PRIMAL ORB
In 2009 Jamie began to explore 3D projection technologies in project collaborations with mathematical artist and computer vision specialist, Dr Rob Scharein.They continue to experiment and develop new collaborative projects as artist duo ‘Primal Orb’.


Early Works 1992-2001
Photographic portraits in outsider cultures of the 1990’s in San Francisco & Vancouver morphed into experiments with photo-therapy technique, working over extended periods of time on projects with people living in struggle. Jamie's photographs have been published widely and exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Paris, London, Vancouver and Toronto.


Performance Research

  • Videmote/Wavelite Project Video spotlight, motion tracking, 3D video
  • STEIM Centre for the Arts, Amsterdam. Custom wireless instruments
  • Live 3D Theatre projections
  • RigPad Inc. Wireless control of blue/green screens for large rigging on film sets. 


  • Interactive Technology For Artists.  Visit training website.
  • Other Courses: Lens-based Visual Arts, Artistic Practice, Conceptual Photography


Jamie wishes to acknowledge the support of the following organisations.