jamie griffiths

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Jamie Griffiths is an interdisciplinary conceptual artist, film director & performer working with cameras, sound, live performance and gallery installations. Jamie designs experimental performance tools & digital environments, as she digs into humanity's failings and triumphs, employing processes of autobiographical transparency and cultural confrontations.


 In the 1990's innovations in experimental photographic darkroom techniques led jamie into film-making and performance collaborations with dance and music, using motion capture/trigger techniques & wireless hand controllers. Her latest works have included 3D video-projection with mathematician & renowned knot specialist, Rob Scharein & the birthing of her 'pseudo-robot' called I.V.Y.

Jamie’s photographic & performance works have exhibited internationally since 1992. Photographic portraits in outsider cultures of the 1990’s in San Francisco & Vancouver morphed into experiments with photo-therapy technique, working over extended periods of time on projects with people living in struggle living in struggle. Jamie's photographs have been published in 17 countries and exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Paris, London, Vancouver and Toronto.

Since 2001 Jamie has designed for live performance stages (audio, video & lighting). Interactive software allows live response to stimulus and sensors, camera feeds, sounds, music, motion. DMX theatre lights, video projections, music and performers can trigger, effect and control each other.

Innovation and research in new technologies are integral to her projects. 

More on jamie's: Artistic Motivations



  • Videmote/Wavelite Project Video spotlight, motion tracking, 3D stereoscopic video (linear polarised)
  • STEIM Centre for the Arts, Amsterdam.  Wireless control instruments for live performance.
  • RigPad Inc. Wireless control of blue screens & one ton chain motors for large rigging on film sets. 
  • 3D Theatre projections. Live performance & 3D video projections (active and passive stereo)




  • Interactive Software & Technology For Artists.   Independent workshops plus regular programming at Space Studios MediaLab, London, UK & STEIM Foundation for the Arts, Amsterdam.
  • Lens-based Visual Arts. Artistic Practice, Conceptual Photography, Visual Design


Instructor, Langara College, BC  Professional Photography Diploma Program 2002-2012

  • Digital Intermediate Photography
  • Composition & Design, Levels I & II
  • Conceptual Photography
  • Creative Darkroom with Digital Fusion 

Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia (Theatre and Film) 2008-2011

  • Researcher. SSHRC funded Digital Video Illumination (D.V.I.) Project. Team Leader, Prof Robert Gardiner. Advanced techniques in video projection for live performance. 

Guest & Sessional Lectures 

  • Brunel Univ, West London, UK (MA Digital Media)
  • Nottingham Trent Univ, UK (Theatre)
  • Chester Univ, UK (BA Digital Media)
  • Simon Fraser Univ, Canada (School of Interactive Art &Technology, MA)
  • Univ of British Columbia (BA,MATheatre and Film)
  • Jacksonville Univ, USA (MA Contemporary Dance)
  • Rietveld Art Academie, Amsterdam (MA Contemporary Art)
  • Bayerische Theater Akademie, Munich (BA/MA Theatre)