Jan. 2018

Living in Nunavut

This blog has been in hiatus since 2015, when I began the journey of relocating my home base to Iqaluit in Nunavut, Arctic Canada. Now as we enter 2018, I am well settled here, and will be making regular posts here again.

Dec. 2015

Geek Makers Club

Geek Makers Club

'Geek Makers' are… DIY people (often self-taught) who are generally comfortable with technology at various levels, including computers and software, and often find themselves daydreaming about useful gadgets they could build for themselves to make life easier, cheaper or more fun… for themselves, their families and friends.

Nov. 2015

Iqaluit Isadora Presentation

Qaggiavuut! Performance Society presents a free evening presentation this Thursday Nov 26pm at 6pm at the Nunavut Research Institute (#959) in Iqaluit, with digital media artist, filmmaker and stage designer, Jamie Griffiths. RSVP to ellennunavut@gmail.com Hope to see you there!

Jan. 2015

Arctic travels

Arctic travels

Iqaluit, Nunavut, Baffin Island (Canada)

Nov. 2014

Free Online Live Modular Synth

Just saw a tweet by Patchwork Synth. Lovely online tool. Enjoy!

Facetracking into Isadora

Working on a project for the De La Warr Pavilion and just got face tracking working in Processing software and syphoning into Isadora for further image processing and interaction controls.

Aug. 2014

Face Tracking by Asai

From Japanese Producer NOBUMICHI ASAI

LocoMotoArt Patterns

A collaborative installation called 'Ee'Yullmough' with Rob Scharein at Aberthau Mansion Community Park, Vancouver, BC. Aug 24 2014

July 2014

SchmiedeLab Akademie

A four day intensive workshop in Austria at Hallein. Modules with Mark Coniglio and Beda Percht. Fee Scholarships available.
National Theatre Video Design

National Theatre Video Design

Some short videos about projection designs at the National Theatre, London

Jamie's artist talk at Rye School Creative Centre for the Arts, UK

Online newsletter, from 48:Eight Gallery including a link to audio recordings of the artists talks.
Kinect into Isadora - Windows

Kinect into Isadora - Windows

Some useful links on methods that Isadora windows users (who are not programmers) are working with to receive the kinect camera image and skeleton data into Isadora.  (This page will be updated as new information comes available.)

June 2014

Why Digital Art Matters

nice article in the Guardian

April 2014

Isadora and Processing via OSC

Communication using OSC between Isadora and Processing. Video tutorial.


Works contemplating the shifting influence of Botanical Gardens and the legacy of their founding colonial era plant hunters. Seeking the historical threads that empower modern conservative thinkers to deny the climate change crisis.

Interface.js by Charlie Roberts

Interface.js is a cross-platform library for touch, mouse and motion events oriented towards live performance.

Jan. 2014

Elena Shumilova

Just some fantastic photography of children and animals. Not easy to shoot either of those! 


Geoffrey Lillemon's Mechanical puppet collaboration with Michael Pelletier (Random Studio) 

Shadow mapping

Camille Scherrer's shadow mapping project. Naive art and shadow illusions. 

Oskar & Gaspar video mapping

Facial mapping. Fab.  

Dec. 2013

Isadora Workshop London Feb 2014

ISADORA SOFTWARE TRAINING +DIGITAL ART & INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY  A four day Interactive Isadora Software Workshop taught by jamie griffiths at s p a c e in Hackney, London E8
Photographic Composition Workshop

Photographic Composition Workshop

An introduction to the elements and principles of visual composition, for photography. 

Nov. 2013

WordCram with Processing

WordCram with Processing

Nice code for doing a wordmap from a url's text content. 

TouchOSC with Isadora

Here is a link to a tutorial by Mark Coniglio, for using Isadora with TouchOSC as an iOS wireless control device. 
A Michel Gondry film

A Michel Gondry film

'Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?' A new film by Michel Gondry, from an interview with Noam Chomsky. Hand drawn animations, and conversation with one of the worlds greatest social minds and philosophers. 
racial dot map

racial dot map

of the USA based on the publicly available 2010 census data 
interactive music videos

interactive music videos

at home!... Wonderful use of new html and interactive web technology... that tugs at your heartstrings. 


A new custom musical instrument micro-processor... skips the coding part... 

iOS brainwaves sensor in an iPhone app? 'Neurocam'

a Japanese research project... to map and record what interests you in your field of vision.  

July 2013

Augmented reality video

Augmented Reality - making tea...

Speed Sister by Amber Fares

A video doc about the evolving sport for young women car racers in Palestine. 

June 2013

Arts Summit Vancouver 2013

I love the graphic recording notes form the summit by Samm Bradd. Explains the discussions in a clear way that i can literally 'SEE'.

New Kinect Camera v2.0

Microsoft announces a sign-up program for the upcoming totally new Kinect developer kit for the redesigned Kinect 2.0 camera, scheduled to be released in the "Fall"...

Dynamic target tracking camera system

Japanese prototype for perfect tracking of a moving object at 1000fps. 

New Kinect into syphon

A nice little app from Jonathan Reus at STEIM to force the new model kinect camera to read the depth mapped image into syphon.

May 2013

Yes, we do

Sunday May 26th in Vancouver 

Color into Sound

Nice synaesthetic hardware for making sound from colors. 

Hot Hand wireless MIDI ring

by Source Audio Effects The creators of the innovative Hot Hand motion-sensing ring and a wide variety of amazing guitar and bass effects pedals.
Isadora Workshop Amsterdam June 12-14 2013

Isadora Workshop Amsterdam June 12-14 2013

STEIM in Amsterdam is an arts organisation that has been hacking music and technology since the late 1960's. In June they are running a 3 day Isadora workshop intensive with Pro-Isadora user jamie griffiths. The Isadora intensive is followed by an optional two day wireless sensor workshop with Marije Baalman, the designer of the Sense/Stage sensor system, and STEIM's resident engineer.   

Sebastiao Salgado

Just visited the British Natural History Museum to see his exhibition. I enjoyed it, but it is the TED talk that I watched today five days later, that brought it all home for me, and moved me deeply. The photographs are world class of course, but it is listening to his words that impacted me even more. Please watch. 

April 2013

Isadora Workshop Hackney at s p a c e April 30 to May 3

A four day intensive workshop for anyone interested in working with interactive design for the arts. Language programming skills are NOT required. 

Chunky Move's 'An Act of Now'

Video trailer for their new work. Amazing use of space, light and site specific concepts. The choreography is so dynamic and evocative, that you can feel each micro-emotion shuddering from their bodies. No video projections this time, proving that their fame is not based on new media alone (was that ever in doubt?)... but on the ability to think dance to the highest level! Great stuff!
Photography page on arts website 'DeMilked'

Photography page on arts website 'DeMilked'

I enjoyed looking at this site this morning. 

March 2013

Gay US Airman remembered

A good story I noticed on the BBC website today, reminding us of the sacrifices it takes to reach out for our rights and protections. Courageous, loving hearts make a difference to the lives of all. 
Anny Evason, exhibition

Anny Evason, exhibition

'a garden enclosed', with digital media by jamie griffiths
Leo Matiz

Leo Matiz

Just finished working with artist/photographer Diego Samper on a film about the Colombian photographer Leo Matiz, for the Colombian Ministry of Culture. 

Feb. 2013

Shades of Gay, TED Talk

“There are a million different ‘shades of gay’,” says artist Tillett Wright in her TEDx Talk, 'Fifty Shades of Gay'.

Idle No More twitterfeed stream

I put this live twitter feed file together for a first nations music concert. You can download it and run it on any browser software. It will refresh 'idle no more tweets', live.  

Jan. 2013

John Collingswood Isadora design

John Collingswood, a visual designer & an Isadora user (& past Isadora workshop participant) has created a fabulous design in collaboration with choreographer Tanja Råman, based in Wales. 

Taking a seven year walk...

National Geographic Journalist from the US, Paul Salopek, heads out to retrace our early human migration path. He will spend 7 years carrying less than 20 kilos, walking with two cameras, an audio recorder, two satellite phones, a local phone, camping gear, and a lightweight laptop.. and a few personal items. OKAY I AM DEFINITELY FEELING ENVIOUS.  This sounds amazing!