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Live abstract cinema film commissions for music of Arvo Pἂrt, John Adams, Frederick Rzewski, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, and others. Performed with custom wireless instruments and sound responsive software.

Excerpt from FRATES: Arvo Part   Abstract cinema.  

Excerpts from some early Live Film performances by jamie griffiths

For these early works (2002-4) I created interactive live film performances of 'Déserts' (composer Edgard Varese) and for 'Vesalii Icones' (composer Peter Maxwell-Davies), and an experimental dance film 'Painting Peace' (dance company mmHoP) using hacked C+ scripting to embed video so that it would be rendered by the sound of the live orchestra.These projects were my birth by fire into the genre of live film performance before I knew anything much at all about graphical programming softwares. 'Déserts' was a commission by Vancouver New Music Society. Vesalii Icones was a commission by Standing Wave Ensemble, and includes imagery of Jay Hirobayashi of Kokoro Dance as well as Mikela J. Mikeal (singer/actor) and Igor Santizo (artist/poet).  Apologies for the low resolution of this video clip.


WATER TO BONE Vancouver New Music Festival, improvised visual music & spoken word with Viviane Houle, extended vocalist.




LA WEFAN MANIGUA - Interventionist outdoor sculpture. Wild New Territories touring exhibition London, Vancouver & Berlin. Woven sculpture, video, sound, in collaboration with Diego Samper and Rob Scharein. Woollen vines hang from trees, swarmed at night by fireflies. The Colombian Amazon in London, Vancouver & Berlin. 


I.V.Y. and me,  Pseudo-robot, Interactive performance at the Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver.  "What do you like about me? What do you hate about me? What should I do to improve myself?"