Isadora, Kenaxis & KnotPlot projects and workshops

	Isadora workshop, s p a c e in Hackney, London Aug 2012</p>

Isadora workshop, s p a c e in Hackney, London Aug 2012



DIGITAL ART & INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY workshops with Isadora software and related technologies, by visual artist, performer & designer, Jamie Griffiths.

Jamie has been an Isadora user since early pre-release beta days in 2001 and has been testing unreleased versions for the company since 2009.  Jamie became an official member of Isadora's online Technical Support team in 2014 and has co-taught workshops for Mark Coniglio, the creator of Isadora.

Jamie's workshops include free, courtesy Isadora licences, time limited to the workshop month, for both Mac and Windows users.

Learn how to set up an interactive performance system with Isadora & additional softwares (such as JunXion, OSCulator, Max/Msp) for live performances with video, sound, responsive lighting, video tracking and projection mapping.

The FOUR DAY INTENSIVE workshop is a fast-track entry into interactive performance design. Whether you are a visual artist creating museum installations, vj, dj, singer, musician, lighting designer, performance artist, choreographer or film-maker, the workshop frees you up from perceived programming limitations. You will acquire the skills needed to start experimenting with interactive live performance designs, using Isadora software for design and control of your new media and interdisciplinary ideas. Learn how to network data between softwares and computers and how to Syphon/Spout stream video outputs between softwares and network audio outputs using SoundFlower.

Regular workshop topics include video tracking, audio frequency analysis, setting up a Kinect camera, skeleton tracking, and iOS connectivity as well as MIDI, OSC, QuartzComposer & FreeFrame plugins, control of DMX lighting, 3D models and particle systems... and more.

The curriculum is constantly upgraded to reflect new technology developments. Due to rapidly changing operating systems and hardware environments on both Mac and PC platforms, the first day of the workshop includes assistance optimising your computer set up to best match your equipment budget and creative needs.



June 25-28  Univ.Catolica Portuguese, Porto Portuga

July 22-25 [ s p a c e ] MediaLab, Hackney, London E8



June 25-28 Univ.Catolica Portuguese, Porto PORTUGAL

Contact jamie for details and registration information.



July 22 - 25 2014

[ s p a c e ] MediaLab, Hackney, London E8

10.30 - 4.30pm each day £350


CUSTOM WORKSHOPS are available for arts organisations, academia, specialist user groups or one-off projects. Contact Jamie to discuss your needs and request a quote.

One Day Introductory Workshop

Two Day Workshop Level I

Two Day Workshop Level II

Four/Five Day Workshop Intensives (Intro + Level I & II)

PERSONAL TRAINING  Online: £40/hour or £200 for a package of six hours. For direct one-to-one training, travel expenses are requested in addition to the hourly rate. All personal training fees and expenses are payable in advance.

COMMERCIAL PROJECT CONSULTATIONS & INTERACTIVE DESIGNS  If you would like to commission a professional Isadora design for a commercial project, contact Jamie to discuss your project's scope, budget and needs.




ISADORA USER GROUP (LONDON), Jamie is a founding administrator of this Facebook Group, where previous workshop participants and a growing London-based user group discuss ideas and ask for feedback from the group on Isadora-related topics. Search the group on Facebook and request to join as a member.

JAMIE GRIFFITHS ARTS  Jamie's artist Facebook Page lists workshops, events and project announcements as well as blogs of interest to the interactive arts community.

OFFICIAL ISADORA USER FORUM  The official online community forum is a searchable forum with answers to many FAQ's for new users.