LocoMotoArt - Artist Jamie Griffiths Sunday 28th July 9pm-11pm

‘BOTANICUS’ is a digital media outdoor installation by jamie griffiths at Queen Elisabeth Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Jamie Griffiths’ current artistic interests include deep ecology and plant consciousness, botanical plant collections and their links to colonialism, the intersection of technology and digital media art with the natural world and indigenous communities.

Jamie’s recent collaborative work, ‘La Wefan Manigua’, (with Diego Samper & Rob Scharein) brought the sounds of the Colombian Amazon into Stanley Park, and a fake species of fireflies into an exhibition case of tropical ‘vines’ installed indoors at the SFU Gallery, as part of the Wild New Territories exhibition Jan-April 2013.

For LocoMotoArt, at Queen Elisabeth Park, Jamie proposes to use battery powered video projection and amplified audio of London’s historical Kew Gardens; a world-renowned botanical garden founded by English royalty in 1759AD. The visuals will be projected onto leaves and plants in the vicinity of Queen Elisabeth Park’s own botanical greenhouse. A strong irony exists in the content. African parakeets have migrated gradually north, arriving in recent years to the South-East of England, due primarily to global warming. Several large colonies roost at night in the trees at Kew.
At the QE Park, the projections will be located a short distance from the hand-reared Macaws and Amazon Green parrots that talk to the visitors inside the QE greenhouse.

‘Botanicus’ is the start of an ongoing program of work by the artist, that examines the disparity between the historical colonial motivations of most botanical gardens, against their stated contemporary focus on species conservation, generally supported by visitor revenues and government research funds.


BOTANICUS (Paraqeets Pathways Aeroplanes) from jamie griffiths on Vimeo.