The WordMap installation in Room 12, by Rob Scharein. Visitors send word responses from the EcoCentrix iOS app, as they explore the four floors of the exhibition.&nbsp;</p>

The WordMap installation in Room 12, by Rob Scharein. Visitors send word responses from the EcoCentrix iOS app, as they explore the four floors of the exhibition. 



Commissioned by Royal Holloway University of London and Funded by the European Research Council.

Unviersity Website: http://www.indigeneity.net/ecocentrix

Jamie Griffiths and Rob Scharein recently completed five interactive installationsf or the EcoCentrix exhibition of Indigenous performance art from around the world.

  • 3D Theatre - Active 3D projection prototype
  • Protest - An Infra-red kinect camera body tracking and projection mapping
  • Water - a sound responsive video water pool
  • Heap of Words - Drawn word-images contributed to projections and digital archive
  • WordMap - Visitor feedback system via smartphone app and interactive live WordMap


This installation is designed by Primal Orb (Jamie Griffiths and Rob Scharein), in collaboration with indigenous performance artists from North America that are interested in 3D video projection architectures and 3D video documentations of live performance.

This prototype contains digital media from two plays:

THE EDWARD CURTIS PROJECT Marie Clements www.marieclements.ca


The tabletop theatre box uses a technique called active stereo 3D, custom software called Video Orb, and Isadora software for control of the content. When projected in 3D and viewed through the glasses provided, the theatre’s back wall stretches away to infinity, allowing multiple video screens for playback of performance footage to be placed in a 3D cyber-theatre. Photographs, video content, and 3D objects can be programmed remotely.

By using the iOS smartphone app ‘EcoCentrix’, and clicking on the 3D Theatre tab, the visitor can connect to the installation using the iPad provided or via their own iOS phone/ipod/ipad running a downloaded copy of the free EcoCentrix app. In this protoype installation the app gives manual control of a 3D object in each of the plays. Future control possibilities are unlimited. In 'The Edward Curtis Project' they can control aspects of a spirit-vision: a pair of Yebichee Dancers, derived from a photograph taken by Edward Curtis in 1908. In 'Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way', installation visitors are able to interact with a star, that lies at the root of the Kuna Creation story. 

Further development from this draft design is ongoing. 



Visitors walking into an infra red camera view, revealed video of protests from around the world, inside the shape of their own re-projected body. Multiple visitors could join up & work together with their bodies in order to create a larger shape that would reveal more of the video image. Approaching the screen (metaphorically engaging more deeply in the protest) resulted in deeper video layers being revealed, (6 layers in total), until they reached a video showing the use of tear gas and physical repression by soldiers. (More photos in the gallery above)