Fukushima 'seriously out of control,' nuclear industry seriously in control of global media blackout
Since Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear energy plant has reportedly released 20 times the radiation contamination amount of the Hiroshima bomb, and its molten core is sinking through the Earth's crust, it appears to be in early stages of a "total China Syndrome meltdown" according to a Russia Today report Thursday during which Beyond Nuclear's Paul Gunter answered why media is blacking out the catastrophe, as noted by numerous scientists, and he revealed the increasing threat of a nuclear explosion.



High radiation levels in Canadian rainfall.

The Agora National in Canada reported that, after the nation's rainout Tuesday, using a technique described by nuclear energy specialist Arnie Gundersen to collect valuable radiation data, a Toronto resident recorded evidence of radiation falling on Canada in the rain at a level of 20,000 CPM, equivalent to a highly targeted dose of radiation used for cancer radiotherapy.