The conflict is not so simple as western media would have us believe. I was pleasantly surprised to find these interviews on our Canadian Globe and Mail national newspaper site. It takes about an hour to watch them all. Please make the time to do so, in order to better understand the situation on the ground in that region, and to understand that Palestinian Intifada's are the result of decades of un-imagineable oppressions on many levels.Unfortunately our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper is blocking G8 progress on the Middle East by now being the only one of the G8 leaders refusing to endorse Obama's stand on the 1967 borders being a pre-requisite for negotiations with Israel.

It is worthwhile watching the people of Hamas speak about their lives and politics.

"Hamas: Agents of terror, partners in peace, or both? The Globe's Patrick Martin spent months getting to know the leaders of Hamas _ a movement that may hold the key to a lasting peace in the Middle East. Judge for yourself whether Hamas is a group the West can do business with."