President: Research, Design & Manufacture of software and hardware systems. RigPad develops exclusive, patented products for the movie industry, entertainment and trade show industries, providing custom rental solutions to preferred clients.  Rigpad was launched by jamie griffiths, Pablo Mochcovsky, Rob Scharein & Werner Thomas in February 2011. www.rigpad.com

  • Mack Attack Entertainment (Mission Impossible Four): Wireless control of 32 one ton chain motors.


Artistic Director: Research, Design & Creation. Canada Council & BC Arts Council Research Grants

  • Project VIDEMOTE 2007
  • Project WAVELITE 2009
  • Project I.T. (Interactive Tool) 2011-2


  • Adjunct Professor: University of British Columbia, Film & Theatre department
  • Research & Design: DIGITAL VIDEO ILLUMINATION (D.V.I.) Project SSHRC funded. Dept of Film & Theatre. Professor R. Gardiner. "Rethinking how theatre lights the stage"
  • Research, Design & Creation: MUSE Project. SSHRC funded. Department of Music and MAGIC. Professors K. Hamel & B. Pritchard


Research & Design: SIAT Lab 2003-5 Project IMMANENCE. Project Leader Professor Susan Kozel.
o Real time visual modification of video feed: smears, ghosts, lags & loops, particle systems & colour maps.
o Live motion capture using the Vicon mocap system.
o Medical visualization: scans of heart & brain, live usb microscope.


RigPad Master Control Unit for 32 one ton chain motors.









Werner Thomas and Rob Scharein with a RigPad System Control Unit on the set of Mission Impossible Four.

RigPad System, Werner Thomas & Rob Scharein on Mission Impossible Four













Rob Scharein: 3D video demo / Wavelite Project / Primal Divine Prodns during a research residency with jamie at the Shadbolt Theatre in Burnaby, BC.


jamie griffiths & Jason Dubois / Wavelite Project / Primal Divine Productions : Videmote (interactive video spotlight) / wireless control by WiFi or bluetooth (iPOD/iPAD/iPhone/Wii) responds to direct commands or input data such as music, motion onstage or mathematical algorithms. During a research residency with jamie at the Shadbolt Theatre in Burnaby, BC.


The Digital Video Illumination (DVI) Project is based at the University of British Columbia in the Film and Theatre department. It is a SSHRC (Canadian government funded) research project exploring innovative techniques to light the performance stage, using video instead of traditional theatre lighting systems.