A fake museum/gallery installation, exhibiting artificial species.

A pseudo exhibition case encloses fireflies from the Colombian Amazon, on woollen 'lianas' (tropical vines) that have densely overpopulated their exhibition case. The work is live interactive video (the fireflies) with sculpture (the lianas made from german wool and indian jute), accompanied by an original soundscape recorded deep in the Colombian Amazon. 

Please also see previous 'Wefan Manigua' explorations on this theme, and related recent work 'White Lies' using photography and online video.

La Wefan Manigua was created as part of the group show 'Wild New Territories', curated by Ron Den Daas (Canada) & Kathy Kenny (UK). 


(Note from jamie: It is difficult to video document the work since it is best seen with dimmed lights, as they are in the gallery. Under slightly reduced lighting. the effect is significantly more enhanced than you are able to see in the video.)