White Liar

	&#39;WHITE LIES - Part One&#39;. Self portrait in Stanley Park, Vancouver.</p>

'WHITE LIES - Part One'. Self portrait in Stanley Park, Vancouver.




Self portraits (photography & video), Interactive Projection, Mirrors, Performance.

Guest artist collaborator, Rob Scharein PhD (Mathematician & Computer Visualisation expert)

The 'White Lies' project is perfromance art as photography, video, interactive installations and site interventions by the physical presence of the 'White Liar' in mask and suit -- the elephant-in-the-room of historical and contemporary colonialism.

Works by jamie griffiths on the lies of photographic moments & the missing aboriginal histories of Canadian idealised landscapes. Threads are drawn from personal myths of the artists’ own emigrant history, to the hero 'myth' of Hasting’s own celebrated white liar, ‘Grey Owl’, while fixing a beady eye at contemporary Canadian emigration myths and their ongoing effects on the First Nations peoples of Canada.

The artist returned to live in the UK in 2012, after living in Canada for 23 years. ‘White Lies’ is part of an ongoing series of works exploring neo-colonialism and personal responsibility. 


Artist statement, photography and video for WHITE LIES (Part One and Part Two) in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


WHITE LIES premiered at the Electro Studios Project Space (ESPS), in St Leonards-on-Sea, Seaside Road, East Sussex, TN38 0AL as part of the Coastal Currents Arts & Culture Festival in Sept/Oct 2013.

Friday Sept 27 2013 6-8pm - Sat & Sun Sept 28-29 12-4pm

Friday Oct 4th 2013 6-8pm - Sat & Sun Oct 5-6 Oct 12-4pm

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