Mystiq 3D Video Installation

Vivarium Gallery Viewing station
Vivarium Gallery
Vivarium Gallery

BBC Story on Operation Crossbow, 3D photography of the European countryside during World War 2, that was photographed and analysed in stereoscopic 3D, revealing missile sites.


Nasa Web tutorial on using Photoshop to make your own anaglyph (red/blue) 3D photographs. If you Google around, you will find many other tutorials as well, are provided online.


MYSTIQ 3D video installation project. Custom software & 3D graphics by Rob Scharein, and 800 year old texts by Jalalud’din Rumi and imagery & photography by jamie griffiths. Video Projection was in 3D using anaglyph stereo (red/blue glasses). A temporary 3D viewing station was built on the sidewalk for passersby.