An installation exploring the edge of a forest, through drawing and sound by ANNY EVASON and Jamie Griffiths, digital media. 

The Garden Enclosed' reflects upon species loss (birds in particular), that result from the drive to tame the wild and the consequences of the reduction of diversity that results from deforestation, while also acknowledging the ancient practice of gardens and the creativity of gardening. 

Anny has created large scale charcoal drawings on paper of a Sussex woodland, that you walk into and among. The birdsong emanates and shifts as you enter the room. Her works are towering, dark and powerful. You feel as though you are entering into a slightly dangerous world, beyond your control.   As you move through the drawings, you journey through from the wild to simplicity.. to the metaphoric equivalent of the garden... the cultivated.. the controlled... to the pool of water and sky.

"An invitation to the audience to ramble through time and space, from untamed wildwood to the deceptively tranquil order of the historical walled garden. Sound and image prompt the viewer to consider our relationship with gardens and our desire to control unpredictable nature."  Anny Evason

Anny's blog entry with photos:

'A Garden Enclosed' art installation by Anny Evason and Jamie Griffiths from jamie griffiths on Vimeo.

The School Creative Centre, Rye, East Sussex, UK. A project supported by the Arts Council of England, The Lottery Fund, and The School Creative Centre. New Road, TN31 7LS Rye, East Sussex

Friday 12th April - Sunday 14th April 2013 10am-5pm


Associated drawing workshops with Anny

Wednesday 3rd April 2013 Towner Eastbourne

Saturday 20th April 2013 10.00am- 4.00pm

The School Creative Centre Rye East Sussex UK 


Associated New Media Workshop with jamie

Saturday 13th April 2013  3.00-5.00pm

The School Creative Centre Rye East Sussex UK