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Jamie's artist talk at Rye School Creative Centre for the Arts, UK

Online newsletter, from 48:Eight Gallery including a link to audio recordings of the artists talks.


Works contemplating the shifting influence of Botanical Gardens and the legacy of their founding colonial era plant hunters. Seeking the historical threads that empower modern conservative thinkers to deny the climate change crisis.

Arts Summit Vancouver 2013

I love the graphic recording notes form the summit by Samm Bradd. Explains the discussions in a clear way that i can literally 'SEE'.

Isadora Workshop Hackney at s p a c e April 30 to May 3

A four day intensive workshop for anyone interested in working with interactive design for the arts. Language programming skills are NOT required. 

Chunky Move's 'An Act of Now'

Video trailer for their new work. Amazing use of space, light and site specific concepts. The choreography is so dynamic and evocative, that you can feel each micro-emotion shuddering from their bodies. No video projections this time, proving that their fame is not based on new media alone (was that ever in doubt?)... but on the ability to think dance to the highest level! Great stuff!

Anny Evason, exhibition

Anny Evason, exhibition
'a garden enclosed', with digital media by jamie griffiths

Reviews of 'Wild New Territories' exhibit in London

'La Wefan Manigua' installation in London, a collaborative work with Diego Samper and Rob Scharein.  (latest reviews are posted at top of the page). 

360 degree analog camera hat

something for fun that you can build in an hour... on Boxing Day

'Panopticon' to Berlin

The film 'Panopticon' that I collaborated on with Director Diego Samper is going to the Globians world & culture Documentary Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. It then tours to two other locations in Germany in 2013.  

The School Creative Centre in Rye

Fantastic place: an entire school building with fields and playground, turned over to artists studios, meeting rooms, workshops and a theatre, along with networking and career support for professional artists.

La Wefan Manigua video excerpts

LA WEFAN MANIGUA is an interactive sculptural installation with sound and video projections, created by jamie griffiths, Rob Scharein and Diego Samper. It is intended for outdoor installation in urban/wild settings. If a park visitor settles into the area quietly, the sounds of the Amazon at dusk become audible, gradually merging with the ambient sounds of the urban park. The soundscape is derived from field recordings of the Colombian Amazon forest, river ecology and indigenous peoples. If the visitor remains quiet, they experience a 30 minute audio immersion into a rainforest ecology many thousands of miles away in the Colombian Amazon, interspersed with the sounds of a tribal village. Fireflies created from light, emerge at dusk to swarm in the trees around 'vines' made from felted wool with a jute core. The vines are loosely gathered together... 'woven'... to represent both the commodification of nature and the unity of natural ecosystems.

Some of my art for sale - I'm moving

Deals on framed art of mine if you live in Vancouver, only. I don't want to have to ship these anywhere.

Eco-Art with Beth Carruthers

Langara College's Sustainable Communities Summer School  


The incredible world and beliefs of Mickey Smith. Watch & listen.

Poet Mary Oliver

I have always loved this womans poems. She gets deep into the heart of the matter of nature and the experience of life itself. A mystic and a great poet.

Tim Hetherington Billboards

Tim Hetherington Billboards
In remembrance of the British/American photojournalist and filmmaker, Tim Hetherington, who was killed in April 2011 while on assignment in the besieged city of Misrata, Libya, the Festival presents Sleeping Soldiers. His portraits of sleeping American soldiers are featured on billboards, at the intersection of College, Dundas and Lansdowne in Toronto, and in other cities across Canada. The images were shot during the making of the Oscar-nominated documentary, Restrepo (2010), the film Hetherington co-directed with Sebastian Junger about the soldiers of a U.S. Airborne Infantry platoon based in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan.

The World in a Shell

The World in a Shell
An interesting project by German artist, Hans Kalliwoda, that I heard about from Michi Meier, who is taking my Isadora Workshop this week at STEIM in Amsterdam.

Silver and Light

Old Style wet plate photography, and a camera the size of a truck.. literally! by Ian Ruhter. Amazing work and dedication. Incredible vision and results.

Vote Vision

A campaign video by Gregor Robertson for Vision team.

ART HACKS & Hacking the cafes? A new way to exhibit online Art - Internet Cafe 'Speed Shows'

ART HACKS & Hacking the cafes? A new way to exhibit online Art - Internet Cafe 'Speed Shows'
Computer terminals at a gritty internet cafe in New York City's Chinatown were taken over last week by digital artist Evan Roth in order to debut his internet-based art.

MapSense Workshop by Co-Lab and Vancouver New Music

MapSense Workshop by Co-Lab and Vancouver New Music
Spent the afternoon at a workshop with Germaine Koh and Gillian Jerome, mapping video, stills, text and poems to an online mapping project of Vancouver's  downtrodden Downtown East Side. I wrote a prose/poem... as a result.

Artists Cost of Living?

Artists Cost of Living?
The recent Arts cuts in BC cost most independent artists 70% of the income normally derived from non-profits arts organizations commissions. So I asked myself…   "WHAT DOES IT ACTUALLY COST a (fictitious) new media interdisciplinary artist, living in BC?"

"Together is Amazing", the evolution of the FlashMob & Sweet Justice

A silent FlashMob dance protest at the Jefferson Memorial ended when a couple were arrested for kissing. This sparked the (aggressive) arrest of outraged bystanders as well. Shockingly people were also threatened with arrest themselves for filming the police (at the end of the video). But what has this got to do with Shaw cable TV? Read on...

Pirate Camp at the Venice Biennale

Mexican performance artist, Emilio Rojas, co-curator at the Vancouver's Vivarium Gallery, final year student at Emily Carr University has been invited to join the Pirate Camp at this years Biennale.

Performance Artist Emilio Rojas

Emilio hides himself on a busy tourist island in Vancouver BC

Attila Richard Lukacs new directions

Interview & review of his new works at the Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC  

Fill Flash to augment Natural Light portraits

Basic lighting set ups for Fill Flash natural light portraits using your DSLR, and one or more wireless flash units on lightstands. Using Vivitar 285's with a radio trigger.

Robert Kleyn Conceptual Artist, Vancouver Exhibit

Catriona Jeffries Gallery. Works include photography, Super 8mm, collage and works on paper. 20 May to 25 June 2011

10 Seconds, a year long video installation series

Vancouver Skytrain Canada Line, curated by Paul Wong.

Cindy Sherman

top selling photograph of all time

Bill Hayward's 'Portraits of the Collaborative Self' - The Process

In 2009 Bill traveled across the USA inviting people to collaborate on the construction of a photographic portrait of themself, using white seamless paper, some black paint, and a camera.

Annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day - April 24th

An interesting article on the resurgence of pinhole photography and story about Lucy Phillips, UK photographer's exhibit 'What Cannot Be Seen'.

1995 Gallery Exhibit at Stoodeo, Vancouver

A fun little video clip from 16 years ago! In the video are me and Yvette Narlock, my partner at that time, and also the model for the two photographs. The second photograph pictured was called 'Angel at my Table' and won the first prize for the commissioned exhibit, which was conceived by Tink. It was a collaboration between designers and photographers.

Vancouver Biennale Blog

'photography' tagged blog entries

Advice for Artists, by Austin Kleon


'Living' Dutch wind sculptures

An Dutch artist builds wind driven sculptures that roam the northern beaches, by themselves.

Art Censorship USA. Ants on a cross I watched the 20 minute video. You can see it in full below. The 11 second ...

Adam Fuss. UK/NY Photographer

Adam Fuss. UK/NY Photographer

Reverse Perspectives by Patrick Hughes

Reverse Perspectives by Patrick Hughes

Social Arts Network (SANE)

Social Arts Network (SANE)

Batsheva Dance: Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions

Here is the content from an email interview that I did during the intense discussions in Vancouver about the boycott ...

An Artist's Pledge to Boycott Israel

An Artist's Pledge to Boycott Israel

Antony on the phone to Bjork

Antony on the phone to Bjork

New Media promotes galleries

A BBC (UK) story on internet promotion and new media events in art galleries, to attract audiences.

Scooter La Forge NY Painter

Scooter La Forge NY Painter

Stuckism UK art movement

Punk-Riott-Grrl-Painter   Ella Guru Founding member of contemporary Stuckism art movement. Stuckism is an international art movement that was founded in ...

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