DynaMapper for iPad from Reo-Tek Co. Ltd. on Vimeo.

Dynamapper is out on AppStore!

DynaMapper is the world's first and only interactive projection mapping software. With DynaMapper, you can project any image and animation you like on your living room walls, front of your house even an entire building. No party will be complete without DynaMapper!

Special introductory price of $4.99 through January 1, 2013!

Demo video is available at www.dynamapper.net.


- Easy and intuitive user interface
- Rectangular and Bezier Mesh tools for mapping both rectangular and rounded surfaces.
- Built in material pack for basic coloring / texturing.
- Load images from camera roll: Import images from your iPad photo gallery.
- Spritesheet animating: Animate your custom made spritesheets in any setting you like.
- Live playing! Be your own VJ, play with lights just like an instrument!

Map, tap, enjoy!

Please note:

- This application is designed to work in landscape orientation only.
- Requires a video projector and a suitable iPad connector.
- Works on all iPad2 and newer devices with iOS 4.2 and upper.