Geek Makers Club

Geek Makers Club
'Geek Makers' are… DIY people (often self-taught) who are generally comfortable with technology at various levels, including computers and software, and often find themselves daydreaming about useful gadgets they could build for themselves to make life easier, cheaper or more fun… for themselves, their families and friends.

Iqaluit Isadora Presentation

Qaggiavuut! Performance Society presents a free evening presentation this Thursday Nov 26pm at 6pm at the Nunavut Research Institute (#959) in Iqaluit, with digital media artist, filmmaker and stage designer, Jamie Griffiths. RSVP to Hope to see you there!

Free Online Live Modular Synth

Just saw a tweet by Patchwork Synth. Lovely online tool. Enjoy!

Facetracking into Isadora

Working on a project for the De La Warr Pavilion and just got face tracking working in Processing software and syphoning into Isadora for further image processing and interaction controls.

Face Tracking by Asai

From Japanese Producer NOBUMICHI ASAI

LocoMotoArt Patterns

A collaborative installation called 'Ee'Yullmough' with Rob Scharein at Aberthau Mansion Community Park, Vancouver, BC. Aug 24 2014

SchmiedeLab Akademie

A four day intensive workshop in Austria at Hallein. Modules with Mark Coniglio and Beda Percht. Fee Scholarships available.

Jamie's artist talk at Rye School Creative Centre for the Arts, UK

Online newsletter, from 48:Eight Gallery including a link to audio recordings of the artists talks.

Kinect into Isadora - Windows

Kinect into Isadora - Windows
Some useful links on methods that Isadora windows users (who are not programmers) are working with to receive the kinect camera image and skeleton data into Isadora.  (This page will be updated as new information comes available.)

Why Digital Art Matters

nice article in the Guardian

Isadora and Processing via OSC

Communication using OSC between Isadora and Processing. Video tutorial.

Interface.js by Charlie Roberts

Interface.js is a cross-platform library for touch, mouse and motion events oriented towards live performance.


Geoffrey Lillemon's Mechanical puppet collaboration with Michael Pelletier (Random Studio) 

Shadow mapping

Camille Scherrer's shadow mapping project. Naive art and shadow illusions. 

Oskar & Gaspar video mapping

Facial mapping. Fab.  

Isadora Workshop London Feb 2014

ISADORA SOFTWARE TRAINING +DIGITAL ART & INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY  A four day Interactive Isadora Software Workshop taught by jamie griffiths at s p a c e in Hackney, London E8

WordCram with Processing

WordCram with Processing
Nice code for doing a wordmap from a url's text content. 

TouchOSC with Isadora

Here is a link to a tutorial by Mark Coniglio, for using Isadora with TouchOSC as an iOS wireless control device. 

racial dot map

racial dot map
of the USA based on the publicly available 2010 census data 

interactive music videos

interactive music videos
at home!... Wonderful use of new html and interactive web technology... that tugs at your heartstrings. 


A new custom musical instrument micro-processor... skips the coding part... 

iOS brainwaves sensor in an iPhone app? 'Neurocam'

a Japanese research project... to map and record what interests you in your field of vision.  

Augmented reality video

Augmented Reality - making tea...

New Kinect Camera v2.0

Microsoft announces a sign-up program for the upcoming totally new Kinect developer kit for the redesigned Kinect 2.0 camera, scheduled to be released in the "Fall"...

Dynamic target tracking camera system

Japanese prototype for perfect tracking of a moving object at 1000fps. 

New Kinect into syphon

A nice little app from Jonathan Reus at STEIM to force the new model kinect camera to read the depth mapped image into syphon.

Isadora Workshop Amsterdam June 12-14 2013

Isadora Workshop Amsterdam June 12-14 2013
STEIM in Amsterdam is an arts organisation that has been hacking music and technology since the late 1960's. In June they are running a 3 day Isadora workshop intensive with Pro-Isadora user jamie griffiths. The Isadora intensive is followed by an optional two day wireless sensor workshop with Marije Baalman, the designer of the Sense/Stage sensor system, and STEIM's resident engineer.   

Isadora Workshop Hackney at s p a c e April 30 to May 3

A four day intensive workshop for anyone interested in working with interactive design for the arts. Language programming skills are NOT required. 

Wonderful video mapping project

'Thinking out of the Box' by Skullmapping


New app for iPad projection mapping.

Kinect Programming

An excellent tutorial site for kinect programming.

Kinetica Art Fair

including a Hologauze Screen and Kinetic sound sculpture by Ray Lee


Remember the (not great) movie, 'Final Cut' a few years ago with Robin WIlliams as the lead actor? A society that recorded video through the eyes of every person, their whole life long and hired editors to make a 'Final Cut' of the video content for funerals and memorials...

BMW Guggenheim lab

BMW Guggenheim lab
Water tester, smart phone + website upload = real time mapping of water quality.  A great idea? The Kleiner Wassersensor (the Little Water Sensor), a DIY water testing kit José Gómez-Márquez developed as one of his Lab City Projects with his entourage of colleagues and students. This kit is currently being distributed to people all over Berlin.

Rope Instrument for the iPhone, By Matthieu Minguet

Flex sensors embedded inside the rope. iPhone, Arduino, Sensors, PureData

Little Music Boxes for iPads

A great idea to build devices that can make gestures that our fingers cannot. And then build the software app to interpret those new kinds of gestures. 

The Exquisite Forest

a new collaborative project by Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk produced by Google and The Tate Gallery in London.

CERN Artist-in-Residence, Julius Von Bismarck

CERN Artist-in-Residence, Julius Von Bismarck
Artists communicating the fourth dimension? Art as science? Art as abstract vision?

Processing works that excite me...

I am enjoying this mandala-distortion piece today, made with 'Processing' by Raven Kwok  and the cloud trees by Holger Lippman, also with Processing.

Processing in an iPhone app

Nice work.

The World in a Shell

The World in a Shell
An interesting project by German artist, Hans Kalliwoda, that I heard about from Michi Meier, who is taking my Isadora Workshop this week at STEIM in Amsterdam.

Isadora Workshops Amsterdam

Isadora Workshops Amsterdam
Two Isadora software workshops are offered at STEIM in Amsterdam this month April, 2012

unnamed soundsculpture by Daniel Franke

Collection of enough data from watching a dancer with three kinect cameras,to allow the creation of 22,000 points on a 3D 'body' sculpture that was then mapped to software for drawing a particle system.

Legoman & Mandril – Cityscape 2095

3D animation and a hand-drawn and painted background screen.  Loving the result! Great effect.

apple script into isadora

apple script into isadora
Instructions on how to use an Apple Script to watch a folder so that Isadora auto-loads any new files into the media bin of an open Isadora patch.

Kinect into Isadora

An outline of the steps to connect a Kinect into Isadora on a Mac, using the Kineme plugin via Quartz Composer.


3D particle systems (stereoscopic version as well) Award Winning demo-video by Matt Swaboda of

Kinect-like cameras and Pico projectors

Kinect-like cameras and Pico projectors
Microsoft researchers experimenting with camera-projector-combo wearable devices. Proof-of-concept stage. OmniTouch Apple patents show integration of projectors into iOS devices. See links below for more info.

Brain. Mind, Vision Conference at MIT

Brain. Mind, Vision Conference at MIT
Relates to artificial intelligence design problems, consciousness and intelligence, cognitive science and more... VIDEO CLIPS of the main discussions and keynote presentations. The embedded clip adds an interview from Pawan Sinha on Music, Vision, and Brain Plasticity.

STEIM Isadora workshop Sept 1-4 2011

STEIM Isadora workshop Sept 1-4 2011
13 participants, took part in my 4 day workshop intensive, from The Netherlands, Ireland, England, Luxembourg, Argentina, Turkey, Germany, France & Sweden. We covered the basics of manipulation of sound, video and lighting, as well as more advanced techniques such as listening to Arduino microprocessors with sensors via JunXion (STEIM's midi-osc mapping software), video tracking with the Kinect camera (Infra-Red 3D), frequency analysis of sound, sharing data directly with other softwares via MIDI or OSC, and adapting the software to your own needs with the addition of user actors. We worked with both live and pre-recorded inputs, networking data between computers, creating particle systems, interactive text projections & setting up Wii controllers to talk to Isadora.

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