'Fluffy Pink Box' Live at STEIM, Amsterdam Aug. 21, 2011 from jamie griffiths on Vimeo.

An excerpt from an 8 minute performance improvisation using our own skin sensors built half an hour before this presentation/performance.

Built and Performed as part of the STEIM instrument building workshop, with a LoVid skin sensor workshop presented by Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus.

Fluffy Pink Box is: Frank Mauceri, Jamie Griffiths, and Sinan Kestelli

The performers each use a 1/4 inch mono audio jack pressed to their skin for the touch sensors, and simple electronic circuitry (designed by LoVid). Changes in skin conductivity depend upon how hydrated the skin cells are. The relative placement of their fingers on the jack creates sounds that are amplified directly through audio speakers. Some additional mapping of the same sounds converted into digital data, is used for control of the video clips seen in the live performance (controlled by jamie griffiths) as well as some secondary audio processing added to the mix, by Frank Mauceri.