Free Online Live Modular Synth

Just saw a tweet by Patchwork Synth. Lovely online tool. Enjoy!

TouchOSC with Isadora

Here is a link to a tutorial by Mark Coniglio, for using Isadora with TouchOSC as an iOS wireless control device. 

interactive music videos

interactive music videos
at home!... Wonderful use of new html and interactive web technology... that tugs at your heartstrings. 


A new custom musical instrument micro-processor... skips the coding part... 

Arts Summit Vancouver 2013

I love the graphic recording notes form the summit by Samm Bradd. Explains the discussions in a clear way that i can literally 'SEE'.

Color into Sound

Nice synaesthetic hardware for making sound from colors. 

Hot Hand wireless MIDI ring

by Source Audio Effects The creators of the innovative Hot Hand motion-sensing ring and a wide variety of amazing guitar and bass effects pedals.

Isadora Workshop Amsterdam June 12-14 2013

Isadora Workshop Amsterdam June 12-14 2013
STEIM in Amsterdam is an arts organisation that has been hacking music and technology since the late 1960's. In June they are running a 3 day Isadora workshop intensive with Pro-Isadora user jamie griffiths. The Isadora intensive is followed by an optional two day wireless sensor workshop with Marije Baalman, the designer of the Sense/Stage sensor system, and STEIM's resident engineer.   

Isadora Workshop Hackney at s p a c e April 30 to May 3

A four day intensive workshop for anyone interested in working with interactive design for the arts. Language programming skills are NOT required. 

Leo Matiz

Leo Matiz
Just finished working with artist/photographer Diego Samper on a film about the Colombian photographer Leo Matiz, for the Colombian Ministry of Culture. 

'Panopticon' to Berlin

The film 'Panopticon' that I collaborated on with Director Diego Samper is going to the Globians world & culture Documentary Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. It then tours to two other locations in Germany in 2013.  

Kinetica Art Fair

including a Hologauze Screen and Kinetic sound sculpture by Ray Lee

Rope Instrument for the iPhone, By Matthieu Minguet

Flex sensors embedded inside the rope. iPhone, Arduino, Sensors, PureData

Little Music Boxes for iPads

A great idea to build devices that can make gestures that our fingers cannot. And then build the software app to interpret those new kinds of gestures. 

Processing works that excite me...

I am enjoying this mandala-distortion piece today, made with 'Processing' by Raven Kwok  and the cloud trees by Holger Lippman, also with Processing.

iOS air drumming

nice app for air drumming wherever you are... just plug your iPhone into an amp or stereo for nice loud playback ;)

Isadora Workshops Amsterdam

Isadora Workshops Amsterdam
Two Isadora software workshops are offered at STEIM in Amsterdam this month April, 2012


Added functionality within KnotPlot software by Rob Scharein, allowing the location in 3D space and the unravelling of the nodes of a knot to control the triggering and playback of audio files directly from the drawing of the 3D knot visuals.

Vote Vision

A campaign video by Gregor Robertson for Vision team.

Fluffy Pink Box at STEIM Instrument Lab Aug 2011

Fluffy Pink Box is an improvised presentation/performance by Frank Mauceri, Jamie Griffiths, and Sinan Kestelli using skin sensors.

Sabine Vogel & Kathy Hinde - Flute and Ice projections

at STEIM in Amsterdam.

Natures Hidden Prime Numbers

Natures Hidden Prime Numbers
Interesting article on bbc site, about insect evolution and prime numbers, and how our credit card data is encrypted online, plus a link to a BBC TV code breaking challenge.

The American Memory Project (A.M.P.) & Bill Morrison

An archival image & video/music playback technology experiment. Canadian film director and musician, Bill Morrison has been at the forefront of experimentations with new video paradigms since the 1980's. Open Source artists should check this out. It's Creative Commons. Bill has long supported the democratization of both the internet and technology.

Mozart for Palestine - Danile Barenboim conducts in Gaza

25 handpicked musicians from europe cross into Gaza through the Egyptian Rafa crossing and play Mozart in 'Orchestra for Palestine'. Fantastic!

Advice for Artists, by Austin Kleon


Gostai Jazz (french) telepresence & surveillance robot prototype

Jewish, female rapper on Israel/Palestine

Invincible feat. Abeer & Suhell Nafar (DAM) - People Not Places from EMERGENCE Media on Vimeo. People Not Places (Detroit, ...

'Organic Motion' mo-cap music

Knots making music

My collaborator/friend Rob Scharein has added some new audio functionality to his software KnotPlot. I had used a version of ...

Antony on the phone to Bjork

Antony on the phone to Bjork

'Water to Bone' rehearsals

Am in Roberts Creek with Viviane Houle at her beautiful home, where she lives with her husband, composer & software ...

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