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An interesting article in the guardian today, gelled with the PhD thesis book that I was reading yesterday by a dutch film studies expert. She wrote about how contemporary films like Alien, subvert the religious context of the past (Martyrdom & Armageddon in particular) to construct a subjective vision of the present & future, more to modern tastes.

Advertising also rewrites history to sell products.

Mainstream media omits major stories to protect industry and the status quo... I am thinking about the current steaming cracks in the ground at Fukishima, for instance.

Paintings in the gallery: The new, tattooed and gym-ripped Jesus. Photograph: Copyright Stephen Sawyer/

History is written by the winners, yes. But history is also re-written forever forwards into the future. Knowing the truth of what came before seems almost impossible. We only get the flavor of it. This makes the work of journalists, and artists even more crucial as record-makers and as interpreters of current events in society. However these two categories are constrained by economics and politics.  However, both journalism and the arts are highly subjective.

Its a dense soup.