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Arctic travels

Arctic travels
Iqaluit, Nunavut, Baffin Island (Canada)

LocoMotoArt Patterns

A collaborative installation called 'Ee'Yullmough' with Rob Scharein at Aberthau Mansion Community Park, Vancouver, BC. Aug 24 2014

A Michel Gondry film

A Michel Gondry film
'Is the Man Who is Tall Happy?' A new film by Michel Gondry, from an interview with Noam Chomsky. Hand drawn animations, and conversation with one of the worlds greatest social minds and philosophers. 

iOS brainwaves sensor in an iPhone app? 'Neurocam'

a Japanese research project... to map and record what interests you in your field of vision.  

Yes, we do

Sunday May 26th in Vancouver 

Sebastiao Salgado

Just visited the British Natural History Museum to see his exhibition. I enjoyed it, but it is the TED talk that I watched today five days later, that brought it all home for me, and moved me deeply. The photographs are world class of course, but it is listening to his words that impacted me even more. Please watch. 

Idle No More twitterfeed stream

I put this live twitter feed file together for a first nations music concert. You can download it and run it on any browser software. It will refresh 'idle no more tweets', live.  

John Collingswood Isadora design

John Collingswood, a visual designer & an Isadora user (& past Isadora workshop participant) has created a fabulous design in collaboration with choreographer Tanja Råman, based in Wales. 

Idle No More

Idle No More
Some photos from Idle No More in Vancouver on Dec 23 2012 at the Vancouver Art Gallery in the morning and the Park Royal shopping Mall in West Vancouver.


Remember the (not great) movie, 'Final Cut' a few years ago with Robin WIlliams as the lead actor? A society that recorded video through the eyes of every person, their whole life long and hired editors to make a 'Final Cut' of the video content for funerals and memorials...

From the Heart of the World - The Elder Brothers Warning

From taironatrust.org: 'Unlike most South American civilizations, the Taironas lived in relative peace with the Spanish for the first seventy years following the Conquest until Spanish demands finally caused a rebellion which was ruthlessly crushed. Tairona survivors fled up into the mountain to reconstitute their society. Pioneering fieldwork this century was done by Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff from the 1940's to the 1970's, but the harshness of the terrain makes the area relatively under-researched. Films, notably by Robert Gardner, David Attenborough and Brian Moser, have been made about the Arhuaco (or Ika), but the Kogi were almost unknown until they agreed to the making of 'From the Heart of the World - The Elder Brothers' Warning', a BBC documentary made by Alan Ereira in 1990. The film contained a strong message of warning concerning the environment. "Up to now we have ignored the Younger Brother. We have not deigned even to give him a slap. But now we can no longer look after the world alone. The Younger Brother is doing too much damage. He must see, and understand, and assume responsibility. Now we will have to work together. Otherwise, the world will die." Kogi Mama

Processing works that excite me...

I am enjoying this mandala-distortion piece today, made with 'Processing' by Raven Kwok  and the cloud trees by Holger Lippman, also with Processing.

health, happiness, prosperity

health, happiness, prosperity
At 75 years old, Ernestine Shepherd is the oldest competitive body builder in the world. But what makes her even more amazing is that she started bodybuilding at the age of ... 71 


The incredible world and beliefs of Mickey Smith. Watch & listen.

Winnemem War Dance

The ceremonies are held on the McCloud Arm of Shasta Lake in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, and in previous years, drunken recreational boaters have ignored the Forest Service’s voluntary closure and have taunted the tribe with racial slurs, flashed them with naked breasts and dumped cremated remains in the river. During the ceremony which marks a young woman’s passage into womanhood. What they are asking for from the State and Federal Government is a show of respect for a very important passage that helps bond the tribe and families.

Poet Mary Oliver

I have always loved this womans poems. She gets deep into the heart of the matter of nature and the experience of life itself. A mystic and a great poet.

The World in a Shell

The World in a Shell
An interesting project by German artist, Hans Kalliwoda, that I heard about from Michi Meier, who is taking my Isadora Workshop this week at STEIM in Amsterdam.

Kepler 22-b

NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed its first planet in the "habitable zone" of a distant sun-like star. I hope that whatever inhabits it, lives with more humility than homo sapiens do... just saying... we need to work on ourselves... a lot..(from jamie)

San Martin Raffle

San Martin Raffle
I am helping to raising cash for supplies for the kitchen at the Tikuna school in San Martin, in the Colombian Amazon. They needs pots, pans, cutlery, plates.. everything.

Protect Ancient Forests

by Greenpeace. 3 minutes, Narration by Ewan MacGregor & Richard Attenborough.

Occupy Vancouver

Occupy Vancouver
4-5000 crowd estimate. Approx 35 Tents. Meditation Circle. Drum circle. Kids area. First Aid. Media tent. Food tent. Donations tent. Speakers, speakers and more speakers :)  Dancing. Music. Talking. Organizing. AWAKE and SPEAKING OUT.

Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein
The full length version of her speech at Occupy Wall St.

Living Bridges in India

Its bridges the monsoon swollen rivers, repairs itself and gets stronger every year...

jesus was a surfer-biker?

jesus was a surfer-biker?
How society adapts the past to create the future, and omits the present to protect the status quo.

Climate Change Facts.

Climate Change Facts.
If you think technology will save us... think again… and do your part to reduce your carbon footprint. Links at the bottom of the page.

MapSense Workshop by Co-Lab and Vancouver New Music

MapSense Workshop by Co-Lab and Vancouver New Music
Spent the afternoon at a workshop with Germaine Koh and Gillian Jerome, mapping video, stills, text and poems to an online mapping project of Vancouver's  downtrodden Downtown East Side. I wrote a prose/poem... as a result.

"Together is Amazing", the evolution of the FlashMob & Sweet Justice

A silent FlashMob dance protest at the Jefferson Memorial ended when a couple were arrested for kissing. This sparked the (aggressive) arrest of outraged bystanders as well. Shockingly people were also threatened with arrest themselves for filming the police (at the end of the video). But what has this got to do with Shaw cable TV? Read on...

Pirate Camp at the Venice Biennale

Mexican performance artist, Emilio Rojas, co-curator at the Vancouver's Vivarium Gallery, final year student at Emily Carr University has been invited to join the Pirate Camp at this years Biennale.

New Song 'Freedom for Palestine'

Great song, that captures the time we are living in, where people the world over are taking the peace process into their hearts.

Billboard Darkness Project: Using Photography and Media Art to help youth in Bolton

Creative workshops to find solutions for night-time issues to fight against antisocial behaviour

Bill Hayward's 'Portraits of the Collaborative Self' - The Process

In 2009 Bill traveled across the USA inviting people to collaborate on the construction of a photographic portrait of themself, using white seamless paper, some black paint, and a camera.

Tim Hetherington - War Photographer/Journalist - Video Diary

A film, 'Diary 2010' by Tim Hetherington, recently killed in Libya.

What Do You Live For?

Taiwanese commercial that made me cry :) about what it means to be alive? That dusty motorbike is the similar to mine, but a couple of years younger and the smaller engine version of my 1981 Suzuki GS750EX

Dr. Masaru Emoto & Japans damaged water

Citizens of Earth: March 31st, 12 NOON (your timezone). "The Water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank´╗┐ you, and we love you." This is all it takes. Please say it aloud or in your mind 3 times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer." -- Dr. Masaru Emoto

UFO visits Dome of the Rock

The thing I find most exciting about this video footage is that in 2002 I myself saw two 'UFO's' close ...

Zach Wahls speaks on family

Zach Wahls speaks on family

Globe & Mail PhotoCall: Spirituality

Globe & Mail PhotoCall: Spirituality

Karen Armstrong Compassion Project

English author, Karen Armstrong has published many books on religion. As it happens she was also my english teacher in ...

Transparency, Love & Fortitude

Well, its been a long, tough, interesting year, full of politics, economics and interesting technology developments. Sometimes it feels as ...

Empathic Civilisation

"I LOVE YOU" video by Ronnie Novak

This was filmed by my friend Ronnie Novak in the summer & fall of 2010. It is an ongoing project ...

Capitalism as the End Times?

Capitalism as the End Times?

Young Jewish Proud Disrupt Netanyahu


Ghandian Engineering

Extreme Affordability.  Inclusive Innovation. More from Less, for More (people). Not "more for your money"... but "More for the Many" ...

Quantum Tunnelling (pass through walls)

or how to 'pass through walls'... or what happens when we die.. or ???? It is related to the Time ...

Dead Sea Scrolls ownership

Social Arts Network (SANE)

Social Arts Network (SANE)

Zeitgeist Movies by Peter Joseph

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"  Khrishnamurti Discuss... Trailer for 'Zeitgeist: ...

Antony on the phone to Bjork

Antony on the phone to Bjork

Gideon Levy Israel/Palestine

Israeli author and journalist speaks out. Dateline: Tuesday, October 05, 2010 by Dennis Gruending  Published in Straight Goods, a Canadian ...

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