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Premiered October 22nd 2010 

a Primal Divine/Pictures in the Sky production 

A new work created & performed by jamie griffiths & vocalist Viviane Houle, in collaboration with Stefan Smulovitz (Papillon audio software) and Rob Scharein (ShadowsKP visual software).

A commissioned performance for the Vancouver New Music's 3 day audio-visualization festival, 'Theatre for the Ears'.


Visual Music performance commissions with Canada's Nu:BC Ensemble. 

'FRATRES' Arvo PÓ“rt

'ROAD MOVIES' John Adams

'COMING TOGETHER'  Frederick Rzewski



An experimental discovery process with the music and works of composer & vocalist, Alex Nowitz to create an interactive visual design for a full length evening of performance, WOLFSGEHAUL, that included the premiere of Alex's modern opera 'Schlaftoter' at the Fabrik Centre in Potsdam, Berlin in 2008.

The design process included research residencies at STEIM Centre for the Arts in Amsterdam, on instrument building for improvised performance. 


A music-visualisation work, called 'Wax & Wane' for flute and a dancer: flutist Sabine Vogel (Berlin) and dancer Shannon Cooney (USA), using pitch and complex water ripples. Performed in Berlin, France and Norway. 


Premier June 1st 2007: A Pictures in the Sky production

A collaboration with Stefan Smulovitz & Viviane Houle of Pictures in The Sky, & dancer/choreographer Noam Gagnon. Premiered in Vancouver. Performed at International Festival Musique Actuelle, Montreal 2008


"The 17-piece Hard Rubber Orchestra is one of Canada's most exciting and original ensembles. They have performed extensively, including concerts in Europe and across Canada, and are released on the Victo label. Hard Rubber's musicians represent the best of Vancouver's jazz community playing high energy, unpredictable music blending Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Astor Piazzolla and Karlheinz Stockhausen."

jamie performed with the Hard Rubber Orchestra, in 2005 & 2007 creating interactive abstract cinema improvisations with the musicians.

GHOST interactive visuals / improv with quartet

CELLO interactive visuals / improv duet with Peggy Lee (cello)

HANDS interactive visuals for Marguerite Witvoet (piano/keyboards)


Edgard Varese (Composer, 1924)

a Vancouver New Music commission

jamie was commissioned by VNM in 2002 to create a 24 minute live cinema performance for 'Déserts' by Edgard Varese. The sound responsive experimental film was performed live by jamie using  C++ scripting. The concert was performed with a 24 piece orchestra of players drawn from the Vancouver Symphony, at the Faris Theatre in Vancouver, BC.

Also performed in 2002 at the University of Victoria.