On a quick first glance, it seems there are plenty of enhanced options for interactive performers and media artists to experiment with, including;

AIRDROP : an easier way to use local network WiFi without the need for internet connection. This isn't a new option, and many media artists have been using these for a long time, but AirDrop makes it simple for non-expert users, with a new side bar menu item and functions automatically through setting up your preferences.

APPLESCRIPT : new features for taking deeper control of your mac

AUTOSAVE : files save automatically with each change to the file, creating versions as it goes. I can see an artwork already in my mind based on this concept.

QUICKTIME : choose a section of your screen for quicktime to watch and record as video to send to a website. Combine this with an AppleScript and you may have auto-publishing on the fly right within the OS.

SCREEN SHARING: Log into your account on another computer, even if someone is already using it with their own account. You can operate the computer in the background, without them having to log out or be disturbed.

APPS: Apple is now calling all its applications APPS in the online video tutorials for Lion.This nods its head to the future direction of both functionality and purchasing behaviour of Mac Users.


NO BOOT DVD:  I am sure that there will be many people feeling a bit unnerved by the arrival of Lion as on online "app" purchase only. No DVD's. However it creates an internal petition that can operate as the boot disc, and can also get online using safari even if your mac is exhibiting symptoms of becoming deathly ill.. hummmm..... Here's a tips page on how to make your own Lion boot DVD.


REDUNDANCY: You can only install it onto an INTEL system that is already on the latest version of Snow Leopard. So you have to buy the in between OSX's in order to reach Lion. And.. it will ONLY run on Intel Macs. So your Power PC machines will forever run on Snow Leopard until application compatibility issues force them into redundancy. 'PowerTower' resale values just dropped into the floor. Good time to buy them secondhand if you just need them on shorter projects and you're on a budget.


COMPATIBILITY TABLE: Will my Applications/Apps run on Lion?


PAY FOR MINOR VERSION UPGRADES?  RENAMING UPGRADES AS SUBSCRIPTIONS?  Along with the recent announcement of the option to buy a "SUBSCRIPTION" to the Adobe CS Suite version 5.5, there are fundamental changes afoot in how we will pay for our Apple softwares.  Surely this amounts to paying for an version upgrade, which is something that has traditionally always been free.

RENT YOUR APPS? REDUNDANCY ISSUES FOR ARTISTS  My prediction is that Apple would prefer for us to rent rather than own our major applications (I am still finding it hard to call the expensive Adobe Suite an "APP"!) We will be transitioned to a subscription ie rental model. This will open the door for software creators to increase their profits, with annual/monthly payments instead of one off purchases. By paying for minor version updates as the software goes along, (as mentioned above), they will be able to re-bill for the software several times over instead of just one initial purchase. This may also effectively close the door on software cracks, which will make them very happy of course, and again radically increase profits.

ADOBE SOFTWARE SUBSCRIPTION MODEL : TRIPLES PROFITS FOR ADOBE. At $200 USD Master package (yes, I do use all those softwares), but it doesn't include Lightroom, which I can have for "special 30% discount"
That's a subscription fee of $2400 EVERY year folks. Nice move Adobe.I can buy the same Adobe Suite now as an outright purchase for $2600. I would expect it to last me about three years before a major upgrade expense. So that means the new (optional at the moment) subscription model allows Adobe to TRIPLE THEIR PROFITS. No wonder its still optional... at the moment

Artists are not corporations after all, but depend upon the creative suites to do our work. Perhaps with all the 'new clients' switching from illegal hacks to online subscriptions they will decide to keep the subscription prices reasonable? Passing these costs onto the arts organizations that hire us is difficult. Media artists overheads are already very high and with rapidly speeding up redundancy of equipment and softwares, it is a race to stay viable as an artist, or to simply give in and get a day job making video games... which of course would very much suit the corporate world. Get the artists off the "streets" and into jobs that THEY can make profits from. Okay.. I am getting even more cynical (and radical) in these economically depressed times... But the fact is that independent artists are fighting to stay 'alive' while the corporations that we depend upon are making record profits.

I am not an expert on the Mac OSX. These are simply my own observations. Its going to unfold soon enough, so we'll see what happens. :)