Here's the link to the Stereoscopic 3D Vimeo Channel.

You can also upload 3D videos now to YouTube
Here's the YouTube Help page on uploading your anaglyphs..

And below is a 3D video posted by my friend and art collaborator, mathematician and computer scientist, Rob Scharein

As with all anaglyph 3D, sometimes you need to relax and let your eyes settle into the adjusted vision. Your brain needs a minute or two to catch up to the shift. Also the 3D effect is best seen from directly in front of the video, which isn't usually an issue when watching on a computer, but if you have it hooked up to a projector or very large screen, position yourself as centrally as possible for the maximum 3D effect.

120-cell in smooth rigid rotation in four dimensions from Rob Scharein on Vimeo.