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Works contemplating the shifting influence of Botanical Gardens and the legacy of their founding colonial era plant hunters. Seeking the historical threads that empower modern conservative thinkers to deny the climate change crisis.

Speed Sister by Amber Fares

A video doc about the evolving sport for young women car racers in Palestine. 

Arts Summit Vancouver 2013

I love the graphic recording notes form the summit by Samm Bradd. Explains the discussions in a clear way that i can literally 'SEE'.

Sebastiao Salgado

Just visited the British Natural History Museum to see his exhibition. I enjoyed it, but it is the TED talk that I watched today five days later, that brought it all home for me, and moved me deeply. The photographs are world class of course, but it is listening to his words that impacted me even more. Please watch. 

Isadora Workshop Hackney at s p a c e April 30 to May 3

A four day intensive workshop for anyone interested in working with interactive design for the arts. Language programming skills are NOT required. 

Leo Matiz

Leo Matiz
Just finished working with artist/photographer Diego Samper on a film about the Colombian photographer Leo Matiz, for the Colombian Ministry of Culture. 

360 degree analog camera hat

something for fun that you can build in an hour... on Boxing Day

'Panopticon' to Berlin

The film 'Panopticon' that I collaborated on with Director Diego Samper is going to the Globians world & culture Documentary Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. It then tours to two other locations in Germany in 2013.  


The incredible world and beliefs of Mickey Smith. Watch & listen.

Bear 71

A documentary film and interactive online installation. It leads you to a better understanding of the fragile intersection of humans and wildlife in the Rockie Mountains around Canmore, Alberta.  Amazing project.

The World in a Shell

The World in a Shell
An interesting project by German artist, Hans Kalliwoda, that I heard about from Michi Meier, who is taking my Isadora Workshop this week at STEIM in Amsterdam.

Islands and Rivers

Islands and Rivers
Spent a week with the lovely 'Islands and Rivers' artist group, teaching them interactive programming with Isadora software. 

Silver and Light

Old Style wet plate photography, and a camera the size of a truck.. literally! by Ian Ruhter. Amazing work and dedication. Incredible vision and results.

Canon 5D Mark II Magic Lantern Firmware hack

Magic Lantern is an open platform for developing enhancements to the amazing Canon 5D Mark II and 550D/T2i digital SLRs.

Troika Ranch's 'LoopDiver'

A documentary of the making of an experimental dance work

Final Cut users shifting to Adobe Premiere

Final Cut users shifting to Adobe Premiere
more info on the Final Cut X (dead-end?) and the shift to Adobe Premiere... and (shock horror).. to PC

Apple Final Cut X - Dummed Down & Download only

Apple Final Cut X - Dummed Down & Download only
Along with the new Adobe Suite 5.5 subscription 'option' comes the announcement this week of download ONLY Final Cut Pro X, which kills off all existing versions of Final Cut Pro, excluding it from retail outlets.

Stereoscopic Anaglyph 3D Channel on Vimeo & YouTube 3D

This is wonderful. Just find yourself a pair of red-blue glasses and happy viewing! Coming soon.. tutorials on making your own 3D anaglyph video.

Robert Kleyn Conceptual Artist, Vancouver Exhibit

Catriona Jeffries Gallery. Works include photography, Super 8mm, collage and works on paper. 20 May to 25 June 2011

10 Seconds, a year long video installation series

Vancouver Skytrain Canada Line, curated by Paul Wong.

The American Memory Project (A.M.P.) & Bill Morrison

An archival image & video/music playback technology experiment. Canadian film director and musician, Bill Morrison has been at the forefront of experimentations with new video paradigms since the 1980's. Open Source artists should check this out. It's Creative Commons. Bill has long supported the democratization of both the internet and technology.

Wireless control of DMX using iPOD for RigPad Systems Inc.

Simple proof-of-concept demo by jamie of wireless control of DMX using an iPod.  jamie is working with RigPad to build a custom, commercially available rental product for wireless DMX control for the film industry.

Tim Hetherington - War Photographer/Journalist - Video Diary

A film, 'Diary 2010' by Tim Hetherington, recently killed in Libya.

Annual Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day - April 24th

An interesting article on the resurgence of pinhole photography and story about Lucy Phillips, UK photographer's exhibit 'What Cannot Be Seen'.

Advice for Artists, by Austin Kleon


PBS film: Artists talk about Spirituality

PBS film: Artists talk about Spirituality

10 artworks battling censorship

10 artworks battling censorship

Copyright attack (Bill C-32) Canada

Copyright attack (Bill C-32) Canada

HD Video Mixer hardware/software hack

iMixHD Mixer Controller App (teaser) from VJFader on Vimeo. For controlling TV One 1T-C2-750 Dual DVI (HD) mixer, using MIDI ...

'TRON' 3D movie sequel... tomorrow

'TRON' 3D movie sequel... tomorrow

Portable LED lights for video/stills

BESCOR LED LIGHTS Light, portable, powerful. Perfect for the Amazon, when paired with solar power rechargers. Dimmable from 25watts to ...

Green Screen 'Dodge This' effect

as seen in 'The Matrix'... (kind of)

Photography as film-making

Dynamic Perception Timelapse Dolly Stage Zero from MILapse on Vimeo. Watch through till the end when it shows the stunning ...

"I LOVE YOU" video by Ronnie Novak

This was filmed by my friend Ronnie Novak in the summer & fall of 2010. It is an ongoing project ...

An Artist's Pledge to Boycott Israel

An Artist's Pledge to Boycott Israel

Zeitgeist Movies by Peter Joseph

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"  Khrishnamurti Discuss... Trailer for 'Zeitgeist: ...

Eckhart Tolle 'Life as a Movie'

As a filmmaker and visual artist that works with 'light' as my primary tool, I heard this podcast and loved ...

Vancouver Film Premiere 'I See The Fear' with Joe Average

August 16th 2010 Riffs on Activism.  Out On Screen Queer History Project. Joe Average and I were able to attend ...

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