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The de-commissioned Freda Gardham school in Rye is now home to a dynamic Creative Centre in Rother, bringing together professional artists from across the spectrum to develop, design and make new work on a rotational, residential basis with a core of permanently housed companies and individuals. Visiting and resident artists offer a range of workshops, master-classes, talks and demonstrations.

Freda Gardham School was de-commissioned in 2008 when a new school was build next to Rye College. Working closely with local Councillors in Rye, Rother and East Sussex and with Rye College, B&R Productions developed plans to continue the life of the building by generating a centre of creative excellence, providing a unique resource for the people of Rye.

The School Creative Centre aims to be a facility striving for excellence, bring together different sectors of the community, enhance the lives of local people, provide employment and training opportunities for local people, attract new audiences and visitors to the area, contribute to the financial growth of the area, provide an environment where artists can experiment, take risks and strive for excellence.