Well, its been a long, tough, interesting year, full of politics, economics and interesting technology developments.

Sometimes it feels as if life has become an unwinnable race. It is easy to just start running and forget why. Or to start the race when you hear a gun go off... but then you veer off the tracks, and get lost in fighting to get back on, without even stopping to think.. whose race? Am I supposed to be in this one?

Working with technology it is easy to feel that you are falling behind if you spend too long focusing on a single idea or creative endeavour. When you lift your head to look around, you see so many new developments that a panic arises... breathing deeply you remind yourself that you are just one among many... you need to focus on the task at hand, to be grateful for the gift of experiencing your own creativity (and for the equipment and gadgets that you already own!)

New Years has traditionally been a time for looking inward not outward, to re-align personal priorities and set goals for the year ahead.
This year the words that arose in my head and heart were; transparency, love and fortitude.

- Transparency moves us ahead much faster than wading through turgid mud-pools of avoidance or fear of being judged. Transparency challenges the status quo, and insists that feelings are shared, secrets revealed and truths are spoken out loud.

- Love... well it's everything isn't it? But specifically, it can slip into place so quietly instead of anger, or judgement or fear, or resentment, or just about any negative emotion.
So I am speaking of it this year in that context. The Love that replaces negativism. Coupled with Transparency I think it might be able to move mountains ;)

- Fortitude means not giving up. For me it means facing unpleasant tasks. Refusing to veer off. Buckling down and getting things finished. It is almost synonymous with courage for me, but not quite the same thing. Just do it. When its cold and wet or icy (or roasting hot and dangerous) someone has to go out to gather wood or find food or haul water... fortitude is what gets it done. Everyone needs a dose of fortitude in their pockets. I don't think they teach that much in schools any more... but its a precious skill. And made much easier if you can shift your emotions into Love.
So in that way, all three are interconnected.

Ok. Getting to it!
Have a great year everyone.