The thing I find most exciting about this video footage is that in 2002 I myself saw two 'UFO's' close at hand.. I mean really close... and I was with another person who saw it too. We were sitting at night late on a jetty looking out to the sea at 2am on the Sunshine Coast in Canada, but had no camera on hand. Two orbs of light the size of basketballs appeared out of nowhere with the same rapid speed and the ability to stop their motion outside our known laws of physics... putting on 'the brakes' and the 'gas pedal' with no momentum working against them. It was certainly inexplicable by our current knowledge of scientific laws of gravity and motion.

This is the first time since then that I have seen anything that resembled my experience, (despite searching for stories) although the scale of the two experiences are very different. In my experience there were two of them that were the size of basketballs, coming to rest only about 6 ft away from us. It was exactly as if they came to 'look' at us. In this Channel 4 news footage, the single 'orb' appears to be massive in comparison but exhibits exactly the same kind of motion and seems to come down close to take a 'look' at the Dome of the Rock. It is hardly surprising. Seen from far up in the sky the golden dome stands out from all the other architectures. It seems that we are being visited by someone that has superior vehicular (?) technology to our own.

Either that... or it was the Angel Gabryel again ;)

I really don't know what to say. 'They' are out there.. whatever or whoever they are. :)
My own experience left me with a feeling of warmth and curiosity. It was not frightening and was the feeling of a superior knowledge, checking in on us and amused by what it found.

Please feel free to twitter me if you have any other experiences that match this one. I'd like to know about them.