Details & Registration:

Feb 13 - 16 2014
10.30 - 4.30pm each day £350

Maximum of twelve participants

Learn how to set up an interactive performance system with Isadora & additional softwares (such as JunXion, OSCulator, Max/Msp) for live performances with video, sound, responsive lighting, video tracking and projection mapping.

The FOUR DAY INTENSIVE workshop is a fast-track entry into interactive performance design. Whether you are a visual artist creating museum installations, vj, dj, singer, musician, lighting designer, performance artist, choreographer or film-maker, the workshop frees you up from perceived programming limitations. You will acquire the skills needed to start experimenting with interactive live performance designs, using Isadora software for design and control of your new media and interdisciplinary ideas.

Workshop topics may also include the Kinect camera into Isadora, Skeleton tracking, Syphon and iOS connectivity. The curriculum is constantly upgraded to reflect new technology developments or tailored to meet special requests. MIDI, OSC, Quartz Composer plugins, FreeFrame plugins, DMX, connecting Arduinos, particle systems... and more.