Geek Makers Club

Geek Makers Club
'Geek Makers' are… DIY people (often self-taught) who are generally comfortable with technology at various levels, including computers and software, and often find themselves daydreaming about useful gadgets they could build for themselves to make life easier, cheaper or more fun… for themselves, their families and friends.

Iqaluit Isadora Presentation

Qaggiavuut! Performance Society presents a free evening presentation this Thursday Nov 26pm at 6pm at the Nunavut Research Institute (#959) in Iqaluit, with digital media artist, filmmaker and stage designer, Jamie Griffiths. RSVP to Hope to see you there!

Free Online Live Modular Synth

Just saw a tweet by Patchwork Synth. Lovely online tool. Enjoy!

Facetracking into Isadora

Working on a project for the De La Warr Pavilion and just got face tracking working in Processing software and syphoning into Isadora for further image processing and interaction controls.

Face Tracking by Asai

From Japanese Producer NOBUMICHI ASAI

LocoMotoArt Patterns

A collaborative installation called 'Ee'Yullmough' with Rob Scharein at Aberthau Mansion Community Park, Vancouver, BC. Aug 24 2014

SchmiedeLab Akademie

A four day intensive workshop in Austria at Hallein. Modules with Mark Coniglio and Beda Percht. Fee Scholarships available.

National Theatre Video Design

National Theatre Video Design
Some short videos about projection designs at the National Theatre, London

Kinect into Isadora - Windows

Kinect into Isadora - Windows
Some useful links on methods that Isadora windows users (who are not programmers) are working with to receive the kinect camera image and skeleton data into Isadora.  (This page will be updated as new information comes available.)

Why Digital Art Matters

nice article in the Guardian

Isadora and Processing via OSC

Communication using OSC between Isadora and Processing. Video tutorial.

Interface.js by Charlie Roberts

Interface.js is a cross-platform library for touch, mouse and motion events oriented towards live performance.


Geoffrey Lillemon's Mechanical puppet collaboration with Michael Pelletier (Random Studio) 

Shadow mapping

Camille Scherrer's shadow mapping project. Naive art and shadow illusions. 

Oskar & Gaspar video mapping

Facial mapping. Fab.  

Isadora Workshop London Feb 2014

ISADORA SOFTWARE TRAINING +DIGITAL ART & INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY  A four day Interactive Isadora Software Workshop taught by jamie griffiths at s p a c e in Hackney, London E8

WordCram with Processing

WordCram with Processing
Nice code for doing a wordmap from a url's text content. 

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