or how to 'pass through walls'... or what happens when we die.. or ????
It is related to the Time Dependent Schrodinger Equation.

The relevant part of the video is at 1min 15 secs into the clip... where the wave passes through the wall/barrier

Why do I care? ...
I am working on a concept for a self-portrait that explores Eschatology... or the study of what happens after death... and this quote by John Polkinhorne inspired me to create a self-portrait of 'Scattered Atoms', which in turn led me to explore what kind of mathematical equation might I be able to apply to a photograph that could scatter a self-portrait image appropriately according to quantum mathematics... as in the words of John Polkinhorne...

"... rather than merely a disembodied soul persisting beyond death, there may be a rich pattern of atoms involving our memories, character, personality and all the things which take on substance in the course of one’s life. Theology is now asking of science, “What could be the carrier of continuity between life in this world and the world to come?”
Do you think it is possible for science to provide insight into life after death? Why or why not? How do you respond to the idea of a “rich pattern of atoms” persisting beyond death? Is this a comforting or disturbing idea?"
  John Polkinhorne

My good friend and collaborator, mathematician Rob Scharein then led me to Schrodinger's equation.  He's going to explore some image tests... and the conversation is progressing.
And.. I am going to shoot a new self portrait...
er...( if it works)... the results will be in my upcoming exhibit at the Vivarium Gallery on Dec 11th.