bANGER - The Journey 

bAnger - the Journey from jamie griffiths on Vimeo.

Canada, 2007. 5 min English

Starring Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg
Written by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg & jamie griffiths
Choreography by Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg
Director & Editor jamie griffiths
Cinematographer Kieran Humphries
PRODUCED BY Primal Divine Productions
Producer Robyn Wiener
A Bravo!FACT Production for TV

A five minute dance-comedy featuring a young woman, SHIRLEY,on her way to a job interview, who crashes into a teenage head-banger, IVAN, at a bus stop and accidentally swaps into his body and mind. She takes on his persona, and traverses the city on his way home. As a window and mirror into the complex realities of gender orientation and adolescent identity, 'bANGER: tHe Journey' propels the viewer along on a humorous but thought-provoking ride into explorations of gun fetishism, notions of heroism, and misplaced teenage desire. This short film explores the existence of a woman inside a teenage boy, to ultimately reflect a whole and vulnerable human image.



PANOPTICON Excerpts from jamie griffiths on Vimeo.

Colombia/Canada, 2010. 34 min  English/Spanish
Directed & produced by Diego Samper
Photography: Diego Samper
Editor & Animation Design:  jamie griffiths & Diego Samper
Composer, Sound Design & Audio Mix: Steve Wright

WORLD PREMIERE September 10th 2010, Vancity Theatre, Vancouver, BC
A Commission of the Latin American Film Festival, Vancouver, BC Aug 2010
Bogota International Film Festival Honorable Mention Oct 2011
Museum of Modern Art, Bogota, Colombia Film, Photography & Installation March 2012

In the Colombian town of Ibagué, a prison for political prisoners was built in the late nineteen century, loosely based on a surveillance architectural design called Panopticon. This dreamlike, surreal animated video was created from the photographic images taken by Diego Samper in 2003, just few days after the buildings was emptied, previous to a complete renovation in order to house a new cultural center. It reveals a rich visual universe of prison art and, through it, aspects of contemporary Colombian social and political reality. But beyond that, it reflects on the principle of freedom. Is the Panopticon imprisoning freedom itself?

jamie and DIego are starting a new film project in the Amazon River Basin in January 2012, title 'Manigua - The Wild Heart of the Big Forest'. More Details 



'I SEE THE FEAR' from jamie griffiths on Vimeo.

Canada, 2010. 8 min  English
Directed & produced by jamie griffiths & joe average
Photography : jamie griffiths & joe average
Editor:  jamie griffiths & joe average
Music: Stefan Smulovitz & Viviane Houle

a film by jamie griffiths & joe average

WORLD PREMIERE August 16th 2010, Tinseltown Cinema, Vancouver, BC
A Commission of the Out on Screen Queer History Project

In 2004, visual artists joe average & jamie griffiths entered into a creative therapeutic photography process, to allow joe to explore his experience of living and coping with Lipoatrophy caused by antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS. In joe's 27th year living with HIV/AIDS, this short film, 'I See The Fear' walks the audience into his creative process with friend and photo-collaborator, jamie griffiths. Joe's inner state of mind (poems and diary entries) fuse with digital-photo manipulations to bring home the message that society needs to address the fear & stigmatization at the root of the isolation experienced by the side effects of AIDS medications.

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