STEIM Aug 2011

INSTRUMENT LAB #1 crackleboxes daniel schorno demo's LiSa Software, sensors & crackleboxes draw a sound make the instrument for the sound you drew Pete (USA) David (Ireland) Ben (USA) Sinan (Turkey) Frank (USA) Elizabeth (Cypress) arduino uno to JunXion (acrylic) market treasure 2 euros acrylic instrument form factor v.001 my bike, Amsterdam alley, Jordaan district added a handle Sept 9th 2011


STEIM Instrument Lab #1 Aug 2011 from jamie griffiths on Vimeo.

In August of this year, STEIM unveiled a new seminar and collaborative residency program dealing with the building of new instruments and the artistic practices which emerge from interactive, performance-based thinking. The program will serve as a crash-course in STEIM philosophy, interaction principles, and practical considerations for the live and virtuosic performance of electronic music. Participants will engage with STEIM staff and with each other through hands-on workshops, staff-led discussions, and group mentoring sessions all contributing to a new perspective on your own artistic practice. This week-long program will also serve as an ideal first visit to STEIM, an opportunity to discuss potential future collaborations, and a chance to become a part of the international network of artists and musicians that pass through STEIM and the Netherlands.


Workshop Participants

Instrument Lab #1 STEIM link

Artists from left to right: Benjamin Bacon (US), Frank Mauceri (DE), Michael Mcloughlin (IE), David Collier (IE), Sair Sinan Kestelli (TR), Maral Yakshieva (RU), Peter Edwards (US), Elizabeth Doering (CY), Jamie Griffiths (CA)


Workshop Blogs & Weblinks

Frank Mauceri

Fluffy Pink Box

Instrument Jam August 23rd 2011 Last Day of the Workshop.

Sinan Kestelli (TR) - Sampling and digital processing
Peter Edwards (US) - Electronics
Frank Mauceri (US) - Saxophone and digital processing
Benjamin Bacon (US) - percussion
Jamie Griffiths (CA, UK) - Video and digital processing


Instrument building at the STEIM Arts Centre - touch paper test from jamie griffiths on Vimeo.

Touch paper connected to an Arduino Uno, mapped to JunXion and Isadora software, for control of video and audio. I am experimenting with different touch sensors. Liking the touch paper quite a lot. When you press down on the paper it changes the resistance between the two copper strips. The Arduino converts the electrical information into digital numbers inside JunXion software, that I then send into Isadora software, using MIDI protocol. isadora is controlling the video clips and the audio is generated directly inside JunXion using a Quicktime Synthesiser.
Hats off and thank you to Marije and Frank at STEIM in Amsterdam for their assistance and ongoing support.