An article about the race to design software that understands, interprets and designs its own abstract visual compositions, for specific emotional responses.

And a link to The Painting Fool Project

Why do abstract colors, shapes, textures line and the visual sensation of space, evoke particular emotions. Are abstract painters better at 'reading' this visceral language than others?  What does that say about their minds, their brains, their sensibilities?

Developing software that can make intentional abstract art could turn into very big business for corporate profits... examples might include software to design the background for a webpage that relaxes people, or excites them, that intrigues them or enrages them. Artists and designers are trained in these skills. Autodidactic artists are able to do the same thing without any training. And the general public... (if such a think exists) exhibit amazing culturally synchronised responses to abstract emotionally encoded imagery.

Plenty of food for thought.